About us

Bear Mountain Bakery and Cafe is our parents’ go-to bakery for delivering a piece of home to their cadets and making their cadets’ experience at West Point sweeter.

Since 2018, Bear MountainBakery has been the beloved bakery located at HighlandFalls, New York, which has allowed our parents to showcase their love to their cadets via freshly baked goods and homemade pastries.

Our bakery is a place where our team carries on the tradition of using quality items to producescrumptiously-tasting baked goods with family recipes handed down through generations.

With an array of classic American desserts, celebrate your cadets’ birthdays and special occasions or simply give your cadets the boosts they need to get through their schedules.

Whether you’re miles away or not, our experience in making deliveries on post has placed us in the unique position to provide our parents the ability to share in their cadets’ accomplishments.

Every order allows our parents to send words of encouragement or celebratory messages while receiving a picture of their cadet upon delivery.

Join us in fulfilling our long-term mission of bringing our cadets and their loved ones together through our freshly-baked homemade goods while providing you the ability to share in the experiences of your servicemen and women