Subscription Boxes

Get fantastic homemade treats delivered to your Cadet and Cadet Candidate every month without hassle!

THE BEST PART is you get a picture to see the smile you put on your Cadet's face with every order!

We coordinate deliveries directly with your cadet via cellphone

Choose from Four Delicious Options

Subscriptions are available for 3, 6 and 10 month terms.

For 3 and 6 Month subscriptions, you can add a Birthday Cookie Cake for only $15 (a 33% discount).

The 10 Month subscription includes a FREE Birthday Cookie Cake.

Let your Cadet or Cadet Candidate enjoy a homemade breakfast or dinner.

  • Every Saturday, the Breakfast Platter will be a bit different: Pancakes, French Toast, and Cinnamon Roll Bundles, for example. We will post what the Bundle will be during the week so you know exactly what your loved one will be getting.
  • On Sunday mornings, let your Cadet or Cadet Candidate enjoy a homemade breakfast sandwich and our famous gooey cookie.

The delivery is included, and will be coordinated directly with your cadet or cadet candidate for pick up at Grant turnaround, Arvin, the Prep School, or the Chapel.


You can pay for your subscription online with your credit card.

Prepay 3-Month plan - 3% discount

Prepay 6-Month plan - 6% discount

Prepay 10-Month plan - 10% discount

Complete the form below to order your Bear Mountain Bakery Subscription for your Cadet or Cadet Candidate.  Payments and discounts are automatically applied based on your selections